Company Pricing & Audition Form

Below you'll find the links to our Payment Overview Sheet for the upcoming season and the Audition Form needed next week.

Attachment: Payment Overview 2019-2020.docx (24.2kB)

Attachment: Payment Overview 2019-2020.pdf (51.5kB)

Attachment: Audition Form 2019-2020.docx (16.8kB)

Attachment: Audition Form 2019-2020.pdf (32.4kB)

The Payment Overview is all-inclusive for every level including Tap Company, so the document is rather lengthy and is a quick glance reference sheet. Tap Company Auditions will be held and a date will be provided soon

Information lingering at this time is Competitions we will attend for this upcoming season... we know they'll be SIMILAR weekends to this past season, and most traveling will be held in the Spring. In addition, the layout of class times also linger, but we will TRY to keep it similar to this past fall while still meeting the demands of our growing Studio One Family.

Competitive Company Binder: You'll receive a copy of this after auditions and before the Company Deposit, due on July 31st!  Parents will sign the Payment Policy Agreement Sheet and Dancer's will sign the Dancer's Company Contract Agreement.

WHEN WILL COMPANY AUDITION RESULTS BE RELEASED? We will not be keeping you all in suspense! Please give us 10 days IF NOT SOONER to tabulate and coordinate levels after May 30th.

If you have any questions in the meantime, do not hesitate to reach out!

Thank you, 

Kelly Skaggs and Studio One Staff


2019-2020 Company Audition Process

Auditions are JUST around the corner, popping up NEXT week on Wednesday, May 29th and Thursday May 30th.

Here is the scoop:

NEW to Competitive Company? I will have an informational meeting on Tuesday, May 28th in my office from 5:30-6:30pm. New dancers must audition!  We will ultimately place dancers by ABILITY LEVEL, not necessarily by age.

This year will be offering a new level of Company called "Droplettes." This will be for younger dancers ages 4-6, and new to the Competitive Company Program.  "Droplettes" will dance 1 hour per week with Ms. Kelly focusing on Ballet and Tap and will compete 1 routine at 1 local competition + Recital (performing both Ballet & Tap).

If any former "Dewdrop" was recommended for Dewdrops, you do not need to audition, please email me your commitment.

If any former "Dewdrop" was recommended for Sprinklesyou need to audition.  If you want to REPEAT "Dewdrops" again, please email me your commitment.

Additional levels will be Raindrops, Junior Thunder - Lightning.  Some levels will have their own designated tech classes and the advanced levels will have 3 designated technique levels to further push dancers technically. 

Auditions will be broken down by day and age &/or, if applicable, last years level.  Some dancers will also be given a "CALL BACK," to stay for the next level.  A reminder that call backs solely mean we want to see MORE of what has already been asked of your dancer in the 1st audition slot.

AGE IS AS OF "THE DATE" of your Audition, not what age you will be for the upcoming season!

Wednesday, May 29th

5:15-5:45pm with Ms. Kelly, Ages 4-5 = dancer's will learn a quick combo and demonstrate progressions across the floor 

6:00-6:30pm with Ms. Kelly, Ages 6-7 = dancer's will learn a quick combo and demonstrate progressions across the floor 

Thursday, May 30th

4:45-5:30pm with Staff, Ages 8-10 = dancer's will learn Contemporary Choreography to song "Shallow"

5:45-6:30pm with Staff, Junior Thunder &/or Ages 11-13 = dancer's will learn Contemporary Choreography to song "Shallow"

6:45-8:00pm with Staff, Ages 14+ = dancer's will learn a Contemporary Combo and perform in multiple small groups


What do I need for Auditions?  You'll need the Audition Form, $10 Audition Fee: check or cash payable to Studio One Dance Co. Each dancer will need a 4x6 Headshot that is CURRENT, this does not have to be professional, but it is needed.

Please have your dancer wear their hair in a low bun, or pulled back if hair is too short.  Dancer's should wear a BLACK LEOTARD with TIGHTS or BLACK LEOTARD with BLACK BOOTY SHORTS.  Appropriate footwear: for Ages 4-7 should be Ballet or Jazz Shoes. Appropriate footwear: for Ages 8-10 should be Ballet or Jazz Shoes.  The rest of the levels should at least have Jazz Shoes or if preferred you may audition barefoot.

Dancer's will be given an audition number, this is how you are identified in our Audition Class.  Sometimes they fall off, so please bring a couple of safety pins just in case.

Dancer's use your discretion, bring a water bottle or light snack; or money for the vending machine in the student lounge.

What can I expect for Auditions?

New this year we are giving ages 8-13 the song that will be used for auditions. Our expectations will be to see how dancer's perform using the music they are familiar with.  We will also be implementing technique into each combo, so we will already see what we need to see.  We are looking for the complete package!  Dancer's do not need to show us their own routine and should view auditions as a class.  DON'T BE NERVOUS!  

I mentioned "Callbacks" above, this simply means we would like to see more than what your audition time allotted.

What if I have a conflict for Auditions? That's perfectly A O K, please inform us immediately, we already have a list started!  The same will expectations and requirements will be needed for alternative audition dates just as mentioned above.

This just about sums up the Audition Process!  Please look for your form in our next post!  

Enjoy your day!

Kelly Skaggs and Studio One Staff