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Before registering for POINTE-related Classes, please contact Ms. Kelly for guidance.  

Kelly Skaggs, Owner & Director: Email -

Studio Cell: 262-424-3359 (you'll reach Kelly)



Please note, if you are registering for a class that is HIGHER than the recommended level, please contact Ms. Kelly to discuss the class!  When placing students, we are recommending what is best for YOUR dancer!

You can register for classes on our registration page and submit a waiver and parental agreement form with registration. 


Dance Education Class PRICING:  

30-min class = $53 per session (7 classes)

45-min class = $80 per session (7 classes)

60-min class = $105 per session (7 classes)

75-min class = $132 per session (7 classes) 

90-min class = $155 per session (7 classes) 

Non-Refundable Annual Registration Fee $25, billed upon regsitration receipt.


Drop-In Classes = $15-$25 (30-60 minute classes), $30-$35 (75-90 minute classes)

Private Lessons = Prices vary, $15 usage fee per 1/2 hour

Ballet Private Lessons = $45 per 1/2 hour, includes $5 usage fee (for current students)

Studio Rental = $30 per hour


                  **10% discount offered to families with more than 1 dancer, discount after the 1st dancer.



Studio One Dance Co accepts payments by Credit Card (3% transaction fee of invoice will be applied to your account for charges incurred for costumes; 10% transaction fee of invoice for convention/competition fees), Check (payable to Studio One) or Cash.  Monthly payment plans are available.  Payments are due the 1st week of each session, payments not received by the due date will receive a $5.00 late fee per line item per week. All invoices unresolved after 120 days will be forwarded to a collection agency.  REQUIRED: A major credit must be used in order to register, PAYMENT WILL NOT BE PROCESSED until after the 1st week of each Session.  If applicable, non-refundable ANNUAL REGISTRATION FEE of $25.00 we will charged in order to hold your place in class upon registration received.


STUDIO ONE DANCE CLASS REQUIREMENTS: please contact Ballera in Brookfield


Preschool: Ages 2-5 

        Apparel: leotard with or without skirt; tights optional

              Pee Wee Ballet: Pink canvas split-sole ballet shoes

              Preschool Ballet: Pink canvas split-sole ballet shoes

      Preschool Jazz: Tan leather split-sole jazz shoes              

      Preschool Combo (Ballet & Tap) –          

·      Ballet: Pink canvas split-sole ballet shoes

·      Tap: Tan Mary Jane style tap shoes 

Elementary: Ages 5-8 

      Apparel: leotard with or without skirt or booty shorts/leggings; tights optional

              Elementary Combo (Ballet & Jazz) – 

·      Ballet: Pink canvas split-sole ballet shoes

·      Jazz: Tan leather split-sole jazz shoes

Elementary Hip Hop: Black Nike with white bottom and white swoosh (not carried at Ballera)

Elementary Tap: Tan Mary Jane style tap shoe (if their foot runs large, use Tan slip-on tap shoe)


Youth: Ages 8-11

      Apparel: leotard with or without skirt or with booty shorts/leggings; tights optional

              Youth Combo (Ballet & Jazz) – 

·      Ballet: Pink canvas split-sole ballet shoes

·      Jazz: Tan leather split-sole jazz shoes

Youth Contemporary: Capezio Tan leather “Pirouette”

Youth Hip Hop: Black Nike with white bottom and white swoosh (not carried at Ballera)

Youth Lyrical: Capezio Tan leather “Pirouette”

Youth Tap: Tan slip-on tap shoe


Teen: Ages 12-18

      Apparel: leotard with booty shorts/leggings; tights optional

              Teen Ballet: Pink canvas split-sole ballet shoes

Teen Contemporary & Lyrical: Capezio Tan leather “Pirouette”

Teen Hip Hop: Black Nike with white bottom and white swoosh (not carried at Ballera)

Teen Jazz: Black leather split-sole slip on shoes

Teen Tap: Black slip-on tap shoe


Adult Tap

     Apparel: comfortable clothing

     Black slip-on or tie tap shoe




Studio One Presents...


May 8th: Dress Rehearsal; Rehearsal Order will be posted prior to Spring Break...please check the bulletin board! Dress Rehearsal and Performances will take place at the Oconomowoc Arts Center.

May 9th: Saturday Matinee Performance: TBD
May 9th: Saturday Evening Performance: TBD

The recital will be held at the Oconomowoc Arts Center. Participation in our annual recital is strongly encouraged, but not mandatory. It provides the opportunity for young dancers to showcase their dedication, accomplishments, and hard work to prepare for the year end performance. Dancers are encouraged to begin in October, but may continue to register for Session 2. New students will only be accepted into NON-Recital Classes after December 1st.  

Tickets will be sold through the Oconomowoc Arts Center, for Studio One families in April, $16 per ticket, then it's open to the public. 

First Star Media will produce our recital DVD's for a nominal fee following the recitals. Costume, ticket, and video production costs are non-refundable.


$25 per Class Drop-In (75-90-Minute Class)